Species Enhancement

Species enhancement activities are done carefully and in accordance with all best management practices in order to ensure suitability and long term sustainability goals are met. 

Current Enhancement Projects

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Chinook Restoration Project

Funding from HSP provided the high level overview for the Somass Basin Restoration Plan. The focus is primarily on Chinook, though many projects are applicable to other salmon species. Enhancement includes protection of critical spawning and rearing areas, fisheries management, and habitat restoration. 

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Chinook Net Pens

Undertaken over the last four years, this project has the goal of increasing Chinook returns to the region. 200,000 Chinook are reared in net pens for up to three weeks in order to increase survival rates. 

S1 Chinook Project

Pilot project being undertaken with DFO and Omega Hatchery to determine survival rates of S1 Chinook in the Barkley region. 

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Fry Salvage

Where warranted, fry salvage is done as a precursor to identification of habitat restoration solutions.